Where to Sell My Silver Flatware?

Selling your sterling silver flatware
There are many ways to sell your sterling silverware, but in most cases the time you are willing to put into it determines the amount you’ll get. Here are some outlets you might consider:
Private party
This will probably yield the best return, but this route will almost always mean investing much more time and effort than you had planned. Consider a newspaper ad or an auction, but be careful in an auction to set a minimum reserve at a price you’re willing to settle for. Also, auction services generally take a 10-20% commission for successful transactions.
Silver dealer
While you won't make as much as if you had sold to a private party, this route requires the smallest investment of time and effort. Silver dealers pay by the ounce or by the piece.
Pawn shop, or "We Buy Gold & Silver" offers
This is a fast way to sell with little effort, but the return will be small -- typically $20-30 per troy ounce, or less than the scrap price. Value is determined without regard to rarity of pattern or desirability of design, and knives are usually counted as 1/2 ounce, since the handles are hollow.

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